Fully Involved Life

Mynda Ohs, PhD

Currently provides 24-hour on-call Critical Incident Debriefings, counseling services, and instruction. She has also been a guest presenter at numerous conferences. She has worked several critical incidents involving police and fire departments, including the recent Montecito Mudslides, providing support and education to all fire departments present, law enforcement and Incident Management Team 3. She has also provided professional support during the Las Vegas shooting and to several LODD for the Forest Service as well as local law enforcement. She played a major debriefing role of first responders to the San Bernardino terrorist shooting. Additionally, she has experience working in the EMS field as an EMT for 4 years. Not only does she have over 14 years of experience working in the field of crisis intervention and suicide prevention, but has also been married to a Battalion Chief for over 20 years. This has given her a unique perspective of living within a first responder community and family while adding to her education and professional experiences. 

Prior to working with first responders she specialized in children and adolescents for 5 years.  She provided care not only to the teens but to the entire family unit working towards improved family relationships and communication.  She worked in patient, IOP programs and provided mental health support during IEP’s.

Major Critical Incidents

Purpose – To provide psychological care for first responders, victims and their families

  • 2018
    Ferguson LODD (3)
    Montecito Flood Event (3)
  • 2017
    Route 91 Harvest Festival
    Forest Service Line of Duty Deaths (3)
    Bureau of Land Management LODD
  • 2016
    Palm Spring Police LODD
    Forest Service/BLM Line of Duty Deaths (7)
  • 2015
    San Bernardino Terrorist Attack
    Downey Police LODD
    Forest Service/BLM Line of Duty Deaths (11)