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How To Manage Holiday Blues

For many the holidays bring out the blues.  Often times this is the time of year when the loss of a loved one stings a bit more, you can't get home due to the cost, or for our first responders you are working.  It is normal to feel some sadness ...
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It’s Not Always PTSD

I had the privilege to write another article for the award winning Firewire.  There is a lot of discussion regarding PTSD in our first responders but many times it's not that.  Check out my article and get some insight about all the affects working as a first responder can have ...
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How to Interview A Culturally Competent Clinician

For firefighters and other first responders, it can be challenging to find the right clinician, but it’s not impossible. As a firefighter you will likely be most comfortableworking with someone who gets the job to at least some degree and who won’t be easily horrified by stories of intense or ...
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Book Club Questions: FULLY INVOLVED; A Guide to Being in a Relationship with a Firefighter.

What is the one aspect that stood out about this book?What are three early signs that a fire fighter might be struggling?What are three major signs that a fire fighter is in trouble emotionally? What would prevent a fire fighter from reaching out? What did you learn about how/when to ...
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The Anchor Point Podcast:

Today on the show, Dr. Mynda Ohs stops by to share her perspective as a mental health clinician and give us a few tools to add to our mental health toolbox! Listen here ...
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